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  • Beef & Duck, Cranberry & Broccoli - 150g can/tray

Edgard and Cooper, mutts on a mission to help pets eat fresh! Yikes! Edgard and Cooper took matters into their own paws and inspired the world's first 100% fresh meat kibble.

Where fresh MEANS FRESH! Doing it for the dogs! Every year Edgard and Cooper give 10% of their profits to animal charities to help other dogs less fortunate than us to find new homes or eat a deliciously nutritious meal.

A delicious and wholesome meal made directly from deboned beef and deboned duck with no fillers, so it's packed with the very best protein.

This means it is highly nutritious and easily digestible.

Every pack bursts with tasty veggies, fruit and botanicals, giving me all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants I need to keep me healthy nose to tail.

This grain free recipe is gluten free and is good for sensitive tummies.

Naturally good for you! Deboned beef: Mooooo, I'm a cow! And I love munching grass in vast fields.

My meat contains all essential amino acids that keep your dog's body tissue in tip-top condition.

Deboned duck: I provide your dog with all the protein he needs I boost his immune system and I guarantee a healthy and strong skin.

Potatoes: Wacko tubers£ Yeah, that's what we are but we're especially magically delicious and bursting with minerals and vitamins.

Enchanting and yum-yum! Spinach: Your dog won't build muscles from eating a lot of spinach nevertheless, we're very healthy! We're bursting with iron and overflowing with minerals, fibres and antioxidants.

Peas: We're a bunch of little green marbles, fresh from the field and oh so healthy that figures with all those vitamins, minerals, fibres and slow sugars in our ball-shaped little bodies.

Broccoli: There should be a crown on the crown of my head, because I'm the king of the veggies.

I'm absolutely awesome for your dog's immune system and I'm bursting with antioxidants and iron.

Cranberries: We're a bunch of tiny red berries and we're absolutely awesome the super substances in our red round bodies are exceptionally good for your dog.

Parsley: The emperor of herbs£ Yeah, sort of because I purify the blood, cleanse the liver and kill bad bacteria in the body.

I'm a natural antioxidant bursting with vitamins and iron.

Dill: No hocus-pocus for me, because I'm a lively lady brimming with vitamin C.

A classy girl like me - with an anise-like flavour- will definitely charm your dog.

Minerals and vitamins: We're a bunch of lively ladies much-needed for the health of your dog and that's why we're so numerous.

Together we give your furry a friend an incredible boost.

A deliciously healthy and wholesome meal recommended for adult dogs.

Suitable for all.

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Beef & Duck, Cranberry & Broccoli - 150g can/tray

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