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  • Mauve Cat Collar

A cat/kitten collar is supposed to bring you peace of mind not make your kitty lose theirs! The high quality silicone collar is light-weight, durable, soft and won’t fray. Wave goodbye to collar related wrestling matches, these collars are easy to fasten because they’re designed just like a watch strap. Plus the breakaway clasp will allow a cat to pull away from the collar in case they find themselves stuck.

We recommend choosing a colour that brings out their eyes.

Here is a collar so silky smooth that your cat can’t help but strut their stuff when they wear it, and so well fitting that they’ll hardly notice it’s there!

These award winning collars are: Hypoallergenic, Lightweight, Soft, Comfy, Safe and very Stylish.

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Mauve Cat Collar

  • Brand: Kittyrama
  • Product Code: Mauve Cat Collar
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